30 funded hours for 3 to 4 year olds & 15 funded hours for 2 year olds


Children’s joy and happiness is a big part of their learning. At Eliana Bilingual Nursery, we encourage them to have fun as a part of their education, with child-led activities which are adapted to their abilities and interests. Much of our teaching is done in both French and English, integrating language into every lesson and activity to help children see language as accessible and a tool for learning.

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Eliana Bilingual Nursery, learning is led by the Early Years Foundation Framework .We use play to embed a varied curriculum which covers the 7 main areas of learning and development.


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

This will include experiences that will help children to develop a positive sense of themselves and of others, respect for others, social skills and a positive disposition to learn.

childhood development

Communication, Language & Literacy

We combine the communication and literacy sections of EYFS due to their linked nature. This stage focuses on extending and developing an understanding of vocabulary, speaking and listening, being read to, supporting and extending their skills in beginning to read and write. At Eliana, we focus on both French and English when it comes to the children’s language development.

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Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy

The children develop an interest in numbers and counting, making comparisons, sorting and matching objects and beginning to recognise numbers and shapes. They start showing an awareness of their existence within the environment and are encouraged to recognise numbers and shapes in new places.

early learning center

Knowledge & Understanding

of the World

Development of children's knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world. The children are given opportunities to use a range of tools safely, and encounter creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments and work with a range of materials.


Physical Development

Through sports and outdoor play, we help develop and improve children's skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement, using their senses to learn about the world around them and make connections between new information and what they already know.

physical development

Creative Development

Children's creativity is extended supporting their curiosity, exploration and play. Opportunities to explore their imagination in dance, music and role play are provided for the children.

Creative Development

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Organic French and English

French and English are used organically within the nursery, allowing the children to learn both languages simultaneously. Improving skills in one language contributes to the improvement of skills in the other, as well as other academic areas, and gives children a deeper understanding and appreciation for language. Our aim is for the children to feel that they are not just learning another language, but learning through it.

Children’s Sports League

The nursery holds regular sports sessions for the children to encourage teamwork and develop their motor ability. Our weekly football sessions take place outside and all the children get involved, playing games with others at their age or development stage.

World Music

We have exciting visits from Akal World Music as part of our efforts to introduce the children to a number of cultures and expose them to creative outlets where their imagination can run free. Instruments from across the world are brought into the nursery and the children are given information about where they come from, how they are played, and the people that created them. Music is an incredible way to teach the children history, geography, and creativity.

Sensory Exploration

Adding sensory experiences to activities can enhance the learning experience for children, engaging them in new ways. Many of our educational activities are designed to engage more than one sense, helping children connect their senses with what they experience and making learning a more fun experience. Finger-painting, sand-play, and outside learning are all examples of how we integrate sensory exploration into the children’s education.

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